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Good Evening San Diego Interview with Dr. Bruce Figuered

An increased number of 18-28 year-olds report an alarming rise in their level of loneliness. Jackson House CEO Dr. Bruce Figuered caught up with Good Evening San Diego to talk about this trend, and what to do if you experience feelings of anxiety or depression. Increased social media use, societal changes, and post-pandemic isolation can have detrimental effects on mental healt ...

Springtime Activities to Improve Your Mental Health

Spring can be the perfect time to start a new routine or find new ways to care for your mental health as it starts to warm up.

Stages of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a mental health disorder that is often misunderstood and left untreated. Different symptoms arise during each stage of schizophrenia, and it can be helpful to understand the progression of the disorder so you can seek treatment before it becomes overwhelmingly disruptive to your life.

The Relationship Between Fear and Anxiety

Human emotions are intricately intertwined, and fear and anxiety are nearly impossible to separate. Understanding this relationship helps individuals cope with these feelings as they arise. By recognizing the triggers and symptoms, you can navigate both fear and anxiety with grace and resilience.

Living Your Life With Purpose

Living your life with purpose can be incredibly fulfilling. It helps you focus on the things that really matter and can work wonders for your mental health. Knowing you are contributing meaningfully to the world can be an excellent source of motivation. It can also improve your self-esteem and empower you to take control of your destiny.

Ways to Overcome Addiction While Battling Depression

Depression and addiction can be co-occurring disorders, and many people struggle with both of them at the same time. It may seem impossible to overcome addiction when you are simultaneously struggling with depression. However, this article reveals several strategies to help you improve your mood and combat your cravings.

Trauma Recovery Options

Anyone going through trauma recovery right now knows just how hard it can be to address the problem with just one treatment option. We’ve unpacked our trauma recovery methods so you have all the information you need to take the next steps toward healing.

Mental Health Resources in San Diego

There are plenty of great mental health services throughout San Diego. Whether you want to talk to someone on the phone or in person, you will undoubtedly find an experienced mental health professional available to help.

The Different Levels of Mental Health Care

Four main levels of mental health care form the mental health continuum of care. It's important to ensure you receive the appropriate care to address your needs and concerns.

Managing Depression on Valentine’s Day

Do you dread the “day of love”? Valentine's Day, a day often associated with love and romance, can pose challenges for individuals grappling with depression. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to mitigate these feelings.

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